Director's Message

Innovation starts at the heart. We have a history of breakthrough innovations that result in game-changing technology. At Indtech Capacitors our pillars of strength are integrity, innovation, and creativity. In our journey we have faced various obstacles, but together as a team we’ve worked hard to overcome them and see the positive in crisis as well.

The industry is changing every day with introduction of new technology and products. But the one thing that remains constant is trust and loyalty. When you deliver premium products, your clients show trust in your services and products and it fosters a long term relation. For us reaching the highest level of customer satisfaction is the primary goal. Over the years we always given prime importance to quality. Years of research and industry expertise has helped us design amazing and efficient products. Our core technologies have expanded as per the client’s altering needs and budget.

Asif Malik
Managing Director - Indtech® Capacitors (India)